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Sophie Philibert

Incubator Resources Associate

Sophie Philibert

As the Incubator Resources Associate, Sophie’s primary responsibility is to maintain the functionality of Greentown Labs’ resources. On a day-to-day basis, their role involves a safety walkthrough of the facilities in addition to documenting the use of and systemizing access to the shared tools and equipment in the prototyping lab. They work with the operations team to optimize Greentown’s offerings in order to create the most supportive environment for startup companies to grow. Sophie is the go-to person for assistance with resources including the machine shop, 3-D printers, electronics lab, and loading dock. 

Sophie is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Materials Science at Northeastern University, and is passionate about social and environmental justice. They are an active member of the Sunrise Movement. Previously, they worked at VerdEnergia Pacifica, a reforestation project in Costa Rica, where they had the opportunity to live in an intentional community and apply permaculture design principles to the construction of an earthbag dome house. 

Sophie grew up in Foxborough, MA, and they enjoy playing violin and guitar and cooking new vegetarian recipes in their free time.

You can connect with Sophie on LinkedIn or via email.

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