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Leandro Molina

Receptionist and Facility Coordinator

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Leandro Molina made the millennial career shift to join the Greentown Labs team as Receptionist and Facility Coordinator based on the position’s pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and profit.

With hospitality education, experience and expertise from the Hotelschool The Hague in the Netherlands, Leandro is excited to be part of a mission-driven organization and is proud to give a warm welcome to guests, visitors, member companies and more while acting as the first point of contact upon arrival to Greentown Labs.

Having worked at various restaurants and hotels in many cities around the world, Leandro embraces conversations with those who have a wide variety of backgrounds. He is also very active outside of work as a member of the United States Green Building Council’s Emerging Professionals of Massachusetts chapter and attends monthly panels hosted by Boston Area Sustainability Group in Cambridge.

People person by day, entrepreneur by night, Leandro is building a green business in his spare time which he’d be glad to speak with you about.  

Leandro’s main mission at Greentown Labs is to provide quality service to all guests and member companies, and is happy to connect you to the resources you need during your time at our facility.

Leandro loves (European) football and basketball; Barcelona and the Lakers; and prides himself on having served the Royal King and Queen of Holland on their anniversary in 2016!

You can reach Leandro via email or LinkedIn.

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