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Lauren Meigel

Strategic Data + Operations Associate

Lauren Meigel

Lauren is the Strategic Data + Operations Associate at Greentown Labs, which encompasses supporting company and member company data collection, management, analysis, and reporting in addition to supporting overall facility management. She works to improve the management of Greentown, partner, and member data. 

Lauren is currently a co-op studying at Northeastern University, where she’s pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Sustainable Energy Systems. During her time at Northeastern, she was the operations director of Northeastern’s student-run product-development studio, Generate, where she pioneered the introduction of data collection for the newly established organization. She has since moved roles to the people operations coordinator, where she’s implementing a sustainable data collection and management system to report on the internal operations of the organization. Her love for entrepreneurship stemmed from her involvement in the Sherman Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship at Northeastern, which fostered an innovative environment and exposed her to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

Above all, sustainability is a core value that resonates throughout Lauren’s life. Not only does she enjoy reading and learning about sustainability, she has recently begun adjusting her lifestyle to reduce waste and live in a more eco-friendly way. She has recently started an Instagram account called The Need For Seeds, which documents her journey toward developing a more sustainable lifestyle. 

When not at Greentown, you can find Lauren walking around Boston, frequently visiting Boston Public Market and the Esplanade. She loves to read mystery novels and her favorite author is Agatha Christie, who wrote her favorite book, “And Then There Were None.” She loves every show on the Food Network and enjoys baking delicious treats in her free time. 

You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn or via email.

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