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Jessi Duston

Development Coordinator - UMass Lowell

As Development Coordinator of the Greentown Labs – UMass Lowell partnership, Jessi connects Greentown members with resources at UMass Lowell, such as lab equipment and faculty research collaborations. UMass Lowell has an extensive energy engineering program, over 40 faculty members working in clean energy research, and state-of-the-art labs as part of their Core Research Facilities. Jessi works closely with the Greentown team and multiple UMass Lowell departments in order to leverage the strengths of both institutions and create a wider ecosystem of resources through university, industry, and state partnerships. She is helping to create the Emerging Energy Innovation Institute at UML, and an Energy Storage Institute, jointly managed with resources in both locations, that aims to develop a dynamic strategy for increasing the energy storage capacity for the state of Massachusetts.

Jessi received a Master’s degree from the Harvard Extension School in Sustainability and Environmental Management and worked at MIT Sloan prior to her work with UMass and Greentown. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, Jessi developed a keen interest in land conservation and protection, and was able to witness highly successful small-town conservation efforts. She values all efforts towards sustainability, from small towns to big cities, from states to nations, and always comes back to the importance of her own interaction with the natural world.

Jessi can be found hiking the 4,000 footers, chasing her toddler, obsessively checking grocery store labels, and writing strongly worded letters to whomever will listen. 

You can connect with Jessi via LinkedIn or email.

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