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Jason Ethier


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Jason works with the rest of the board at Greentown Labs to set strategic goals for the organization as well as implement ancillary programs which will benefit the greater community.

Beyond Greentown, Jason works at Dynamo Micropower, where he is responsible for the design of the Dynamo Micropower TurboCore product. He also is responsible for sourcing talent and building the industry partnerships required to bring Dynamo’s products to market.

Jason graduated with a BSE from Duke University in 2010. Previously he was a cell leader at GE’s Lynn facility working on the manufacturing center of excellence for rotating parts. There he experienced firsthand how modern turbomachinery is manufactured. This experience, combined with his academic study of micro-combustion systems inspired him to create a new type of gas turbine with his co-founder Ivan Wang.

Previously Jason worked alongside Ivan as product manager and project manager at Capire Micropower to commercialize a MEMs based turbine. Jason and Ivan also led the Duke Formula motorsports team from an unranked team to 10th place in the SAE collegiate motorsports competition. To this day the team competes competitively.

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