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James McClurkin

Facilities Manager

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James McClurkin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Greentown Labs’ facilities. He aspires to see problems before they happen and maintain the optimal environment to help member companies focus on their work. James started out in the U.S. Coast Guard. He spent his four years of service on a search and rescue team, handling base operations and drug enforcement. He also served as one of the last lighthouse keepers in the U.S. Afterwards, he moved on to a successful career in the theatre industry building a background in stage and production management. He then turned to technology, a career in the coffee industry, and most recently designing and building furniture… it is safe to say he has a very eclectic background which has given him a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.

While working at a local co-working facility he got involved with the buildout of a new space and learned about OpenDesk furniture. He took the ShopBot CNC class at The Artisan’s Asylum and ventured out on his own, creating The CNC Furniture Factory. He then combined his life in theatre and touring with CNC manufacturing and developed “BOXEE,” a mobile road-case-workstation which is a component of the “Elastic workspace”. He aspires to bring advanced manufacturing and fabrication learning to high school graduates, adults seeking skills retraining, veterans, and to work on accessibility issues with the tools used.

James volunteers yearly to help run The Head of the Charles Regatta as a co-chair of the river operations committee. Three times a year he also runs the US Coffee Championships – Roasters Championships as their stage manager. It’s safe to say he’s the guy to go to for a mean cup of coffee. He also juggles…

You can connect with James via email.

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