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Gregory Ralich

Director of Lab and Member Resources

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As Greentown Labs’ Director of Lab and Member Resources, Greg is responsible for helping the Greentown Labs community stay organized as he keeps a finger on the pulse of the incubator’s buzzing and flourishing space. From the facilities to the resources available to members, Greg is the gatekeeper of lots of information and he uses these keys to act as networker extraordinaire helping connect the dots between everyone who uses or visits the space.

By anticipating member needs he develops streamlined systems to help with all the small pieces that come together to paint a bigger picture. Greg is also Greentown Labs’ Safety Officer and his experience with OSHA, RCRA, and HAZWOPER regulations and safety policy writing helps keep our community compliant. He works to make our community’s monthly safety meetings fun, relevant and effective – and our community agrees!

Greg was voted by the Greentown Labs Member Community as the ‘Greenest Greentowner’ in 2016 and takes pride in keeping Greentown as ‘green’ as possible by implementing sustainable practices everywhere from energy usage to waste and recycling streams. He’s also the resident bike-nerd and always has a minute to chat about your ride!

Greg’s mission is to help galvanize a community that is efficient, smart, and connected. In his role he thrives while working with and learning from every Member Company as they develop their game changing technologies.

You can connect with Greg via Email.

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