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Faith Kelnhofer

Executive Communications Coordinator

As the Executive Communications Coordinator, Faith acts as the gatekeeper to Greentown Labs’ CEO Emily Reichert. Faith effectively manages Emily’s schedule, creates event briefings, arranges travel, and acts as the liaison between the CEO and Greentown Labs’ Board of Directors and the Greentown Labs staff.

Faith is a passionate communicator that is dedicated to being a part of change within her community. Prior to joining Greentown Labs as the Executive Communications Coordinator, Faith worked in New Hampshire for the Democratic State Party as a Field Organizer for the 2018 U.S. midterm elections. Her time on the campaign allowed Faith to work tirelessly for a cause that she believes in, while gaining valuable management experience. Before the election, Faith worked as the Administrative Coordinator for a staffing agency in Boston, where she focused on internal communications, office management and initiatives, and onboarding new employees.

Faith graduated from Clark University with a degree in Communications and Cultural Studies. In college, she was the co-chair for two major campus-wide events, created a local music and arts festival, played co-ed club volleyball, wrote for the school’s magazine, and completed two internships – one in public relations and one in digital marketing.

Having grown up in Georgia, Faith is forever grateful for the invention of central air conditioning and fried chicken. When Faith is away from work, she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, engaging in local politics, and relaxing with her one-eyed cat. Her ideal weekend includes taking an unplanned road trip to someplace new, spending the night in with a glass of wine, and binge watching whatever show is next up on her queue.

You can connect with Faith on LinkedIn or via Email.

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