Elizabeth Barno

Community Director

As Community Director, Liz Barno is the curator, creator and driver of the amazing Greentown Labs community that more than 50 cleantech startups call home. While the culture at Greentown Labs has naturally evolved with new startups and entrepreneurs, Liz is the person who ensures the community culture stays consistent throughout Greentown Labs’ exciting phases of growth. Throughout her three years at Greentown Labs, Liz has worked with more than 100 startups and has created the magnetic community atmosphere that draws new entrepreneurs to Greentown Labs every day.

In her role, Liz builds and maintains the incubator’s network of connections including member startups, alumni, partner organizations, sponsors, thought leaders, and more. From recruiting new startups to the incubator, to managing its Alumni Network, Liz is the keeper of the culture at Greentown Labs. When she’s not brainstorming ways to continue evolving the Greentown Labs community, Liz is busy tailoring the incubator’s offerings based on each startup’s particular needs. She is the one who startups turn to when it comes time to connect with the many resources available at Greentown Labs.

Liz holds a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, where she paired 20 months of internships with a combination degree in Environmental Law. She also sits on the boards of the Young Professionals in Energy Boston and the Northeastern University Young Alumni. For her contributions to Boston’s startup ecosystem, Liz was awarded BetaBoston’s “25 Under 25” in 2015.

You can connect with Liz on Twitter, LinkedIn or via Email.


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