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Cayman Somerville

Director of Strategic Member Growth

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Cayman is excited to rejoin the Greentown Labs team in 2017 as its first-ever Recruitment and Wet Lab Development Manager! She previously spent time at Greentown Labs as a co-op from Northeastern University. In her new role she is the go-to team member for the Wet Lab in Greentown Labs’ new facility, new member recruitment and engagement, and general questions about the community.

In the Fall of 2016 Cayman graduated from Northeastern University with honors and a  Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science. During her studies, she contributed to more than 21 issues of the Northeastern University Science Magazine, and held roles as Treasurer, Marketing and PR Head, and President. Additionally, she took advantage of four study abroad opportunities, one international internship, and more than 22 months of internships in environmental science and clean energy. Previously, Cayman held various positions in the local cleantech ecosystem, specifically at MassCEC, a startup and as an environmental scientist.

In her free time, Cayman loves to travel, pet other people’s cats (because she misses hers), drink wine, listen to music, and eat good food! If you ever are searching for someone to try out a new restaurant or unique food group, Cayman’s your person!

You can connect with Cayman on Twitter, LinkedIn or via Email.

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