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Are You a Startup Looking to Enter the U.S. Market? Let Greentown Labs Help!

One of the greatest challenges for international startups is integrating into new markets. Making connections, finding the right work space, gaining access to capital and navigating a foreign business culture can make the transition daunting. If your company has faced any of these trials in your efforts to enter the U.S. market, Greentown Labs is a great place to start. We’re committed to helping international entrepreneurs gain access to local, regional, and national markets and resources. Here are 5 ways we make it possible:

Community: Join Entrepreneurs Who Have Been There Before

With more than 50 member companies, Greentown Labs is always buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit. One of the greatest perks for startups in our community is the opportunity to interact, learn, discover, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. The challenges of integrating into new markets is not uncommon and many of the startups at Greentown Labs have been there before. This is a great place to figure out what did and did not work for other startups and how they overcame barriers. The moment you step in the door, you will have access to hundreds of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, corporations, and experts who have concrete knowledge of the regional and national energy business sector. The relationships you build can play a critical role in successfully launching—or expanding—your company in the United States!

Facilities & Resources: Everything You Need to Grow Your Company

Greentown Labs has all the physical amenities you need to get your hardware-oriented cleantech startup off the ground. Our facility features dedicated prototyping lab space, a machine shop, electronic testing equipment, shared office space, flexible event space, conference rooms, wifi, printers, access to essential software, and more! It’s difficult to identify and secure all of the necessary building blocks for launching a startup but fortunately, everything you need to operate successfully is included in Greentown Labs membership!  

Investor Network: Access to Active Investors

To date, Greentown Labs member companies have raised more than $200 million in capital. Over the years our community has built strong relationships with angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate investment groups that seek out new, innovative clean energy technologies. These external partners trust that Greentown Labs will provide mutually beneficial introductions between investors and startups, and are often eager to hear our member companies pitch.

Office hours with Our Partners: Learn the Ins & Outs of a New Market

Greentown Labs hosts weekly office hours with industry experts, many of whom represent our 35+ sponsors and partner organizations. Over the course of a year, dozens of themed events are held to help startups better understand a specific aspect of running a business. Topics include marketing, fundraising, legal counsel, business management, technical expertise, and many more. Entering a new market means navigating new policy, regulations, and business norms, and our office hours are a great opportunity to learn how to best immerse yourself into the regional and national markets.

Manufacturing Initiative: Find the Best Local Resources

The Greentown Labs Manufacturing Initiative is an incredible resource for hardware-focused startups in the Greater Boston Area. This program connects startups with established manufacturers to break down barriers and help establish working relationships. Designing a product and designing a product for manufacturing are very different competency areas so our Initiative aims to fill those knowledge gaps. Even more beyond the design challenges, identifying the right manufacturing partner can be difficult especially when you’re in an unfamiliar market. Let us help and connect you with the amazing manufacturing experts throughout the Commonwealth!

Making the necessary connections and acquiring the right resources to stimulate startup growth can be incredibly challenging for any company, especially when integrating into a new market. Greentown Labs is able to provide international startups with invaluable resources, programs, and networking opportunities to support and streamline their immersion into the United States.

If you’re a startup looking to enter the U.S. markets, please reach out and let us know how we can help!

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