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Somerville Climate Forward Celebration Recap

Greentown Labs recently had the privilege of hosting the Somerville Climate Forward Plan Release Celebration! It was a night to commemorate the City of Somerville’s release of the Climate Forward Action plan. This event welcomed upwards of 200 attendees, from the City of Somerville constituents to community members and residents alike, gathered in our Town Green to learn about the plan.

The plan is Somerville’s first, and is a comprehensive “set of implementable actions that will reduce Somerville’s contribution to climate change and prepare the City for the unavoidable impacts of climate change.” The audience heard impactful remarks from Nancy Curtatone, on behalf of Somerville’s Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, as well as a number of climate change leaders in the community. The event was kicked off by our CEO Emily Reichert as she opened up this action-packed evening!

Greentown Labs CEO, Emily Reichert gave opening remarks (Greentown Labs)
Nancy Curtatone, wife of Mayor Joseph Curtatone, spoke on the Mayor’s behalf (Greentown Labs)

“We have done this climate action plan the Somerville way, with participation from over 75 dedicated community members, lots of data, and a bold vision.” – Nancy Curtatone, on behalf of Mayor Joseph Curtatone

It was an evening filled with engaging activities where attendees participated in action stations, learned at discussion tables, and interacted with our very own startup members from Greentown Labs! Guests were invited to spend the celebration taking action and getting involved (following the theme of the plan!).

Action stations aimed to get community members involved by taking a step to fight climate through modifying personal actions, such as learning about what they can do to make a difference. Groups such as the Somerville Bicycle Committee and Mass Save hosted tables to inform and engage community members on how they could reduce their carbon footprint and make a healthier Somerville.

Discussion tables involved staff members from the Office of the City of Somerville to further discuss topics included in the plan. Community members engaged one-on-one with those who had a part in writing the plan and were given a platform to learn more about what the plan entails.

A handful of our startups from Greentown Labs showcased the sustainable solutions they’re working on to fight climate change. Member companies included Infinite CoolingIVYS Energy Solutions, Palmos and Sunwealth. Greentown Labs is excited to be a part of a community that recognizes the urgency of climate change.

SustainaVille’s action station calling for community members to get involved (Greentown Labs)
The discussion table where the topic of Community was further explored in reference to the plan (Greentown Labs)
Maher Damak (right), Co-Founder of Infinite Cooling engaged in conversation with a community member (Greentown Labs)
Chris O’Brien (right), CTO of IVYS Energy Solutions explaining how their technology works (Greentown Labs)



The Somerville Climate Forward Plan prioritizes 13 action areas which are supported by 22 key priority actions. The primary topics of the plan include buildings, mobility, environment, community and leadership. Somerville Climate Forward builds upon work that is already being done by the City to advance sustainability and climate resilience. Driven by Mayor Joseph Curtatone’s commitment to making Somerville carbon neutral by 2050, the plan is a framework for how Somerville will collectively take action on climate change. These action areas are intended to be completed in the next 10 years and many are expected to be significantly underway in the next 3 years: 

  1. Net-zero and resilient new buildings standards
  2. Improving energy performance in existing buildings
  3. Equitable low-carbon mobility
  4. Accelerating the transition to electric vehicles
  5. Stormwater management
  6. Expanding the tree canopy
  7. Reducing consumption and waste
  8. Healthy and resilient community
  9. Pathway to 100% renewable energy
  10. Culture of climate action
  11. Leading by example: City facilities
  12. State advocacy: working towards carbon neutrality
  13. Regional collaboration for coastal resilience
A community member looks over The Plan at a Glance (Greentown Labs)
A member of the community looks over The Plan at a Glance (Greentown Labs)


To learn more about the plan and how to take action, please visit here.

To read the full Climate Forward plan, please visit here.

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