Here at Greentown Labs, we are committed to running programs that help startups gain connections to the corporate partners and investors they need to  improve the odds of bringing transformative energy innovations to market.

Greentown Launch

With support from a corporate partner, Greentown Launch is a 6-month acceleration program that identifies, incubates, and advances prototype-stage companies. Energy startups are increasingly searching for corporate partnerships to de-risk their businesses, while large corporations scout widely for startups of strategic interest.

Startups accepted to the Launch program are offered the following resources:


Interested in learning more about our 2015 and 2016 programs?

Investor Network

At Greentown labs, our companies have raised over $198M of capital.  We understand the importance of providing access to capital to our members and have cultivated an investor network of angels, VC’s, and institutional investors interested in investing in the future of cleantech.
In order to create a best fit for both our investors and startups, we curate the following services for member companies:

    Curated one-one-one meetings with investors and/or investment firms held on-site at Greentown Labs. In 2015, 49 individual office hour sessions were held at Greentown Labs: on average, investors met with 3 startups per visit.
    For CEO’s interested in sharing experiences and exchanging expertise from their peers about the fundraising process. Convened monthly, two member company CEO’s have the opportunity to practice their pitch and receive informal feedback from an experienced community.
    A showcasing and networking opportunity for investors and companies to convene and discuss member cleantech prototypes and the potential for strategic overlap.
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