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Greentown Labs Alumni Company, Flipswitch, Acquired by 180 South Solar

Greentown Labs is excited and proud to announce the recent acquisition of our alumni member company, Flipswitch, by solar energy developer 180 South Solar! 180 South bought Flipswitch in early February 2018 as a part of its strategy to build out in-house capabilities to compete with national solar installers.

Flipswitch offers a point-of-sale quoting platform for renewable developers to help sales teams communicate their value proposition to homeowners and business owners with a financial forecasting engine and an interactive presentation. In brief, they build software that helps renewable energy developers close more deals.

Flipswitch was founded in November of 2016 and joined Greentown Labs the following spring. By the summer of 2017, Flipswitch was working with solar installers across the Northeast. Co-founder John Nordin commented on the progress the company made over such a short period of time,

“We owe a lot to our early customers who stuck with us and to the amazing community at Greentown Labs, who made introductions and supported us all the way through.”

The rapid success of the company has since enabled Flipswitch cofounders Max Lahey and John Nordin to begin new endeavors at Google and Harvard Business School, respectively.

180 South Solar installs systems on homes and businesses throughout the Northeast, and is run by solar industry veterans Nils Helander, Dave Durgin, and Alan Robertson. Dave Durgin, Chief Financial officer of 180 South Solar, commented, “Acquiring Flipswitch was a no-brainer. Much of 180 South’s business strategy is built around this tool.”

Chief Revenue Officer Nils Helander also expressed praise around the acquisition, “Working with John and Max of Flipswitch has been an amazing experience. We are incredibly excited to have acquired this revolutionary proposal software and have John and Max join the company as minority equity partners.”

Nordin expressed similar excitement around the acquisition, “I’m very happy to know it’s in capable hands. 180 South was one of our first customers and have been excellent thought partners from the beginning.”

A mutually beneficial development for 180 South Solar and Flipswitch, Greentown Labs is thrilled to celebrate the acquisition and proud to highlight another success story of a startup accelerating renewable energy growth across the nation.


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