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Cleantech Scandinavia and Greentown Labs Partner to Support Global Cleantech Innovation

Cleantech Scandinavia, an internationally-recognized platform for cleantech business opportunities in the Nordics, and Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech incubator in the United States, have formed a partnership to strengthen ties between the Nordic and United States cleantech ecosystems.

The Greentown Labs and Cleantech Scandinavia engagement will encourage innovation and economic development between the regions. Through the partnership, both organizations will closely support entrepreneurial efforts to accelerate new market entry, provide access to customers, and encourage commercialization overseas. Greentown Labs and Cleantech Scandinavia will provide startups with local market knowledge and provide a two-way landing pad for entrepreneurs interested in expanding their networks. Each organization will provide startups with networks of investors, business experts, manufacturers, universities, and other relevant stakeholders.

Members of the Greentown Labs startup community have expressed excitement and interest in working with Cleantech Scandinavia to pursue new opportunities in the Nordic region. Stefan Boekamper of gas leak imaging company, MultiSensor Scientific, noted that, “MultiSensor sees very significant market potential in Scandinavia for its gas leak detection camera. The company is excited about Greentown’s partnership with Cleantech Scandinavia as it will provide the opportunity to serve as an initial landing pad, business location and help to establish a local network.”  

Founder of Gridspan Energy, an electricity delivery systems company, Alec Macklis, elaborated upon the level of overseas accessibility and exposure this partnership will provide his company, “Gridspan Energy’s MEST (Mobile Energy Storage Transmission) electricity delivery systems are a natural fit for the countless islands and fjords of Scandinavia. However, as a small upstart company without an established network in the region, pursuing potential project opportunities is difficult. Working with Cleantech Scandinavia would be a valuable catalyst for jumpstarting Gridspan Energy’s operations in Scandinavia and throughout Europe.”

The need to rapidly deploy clean energy is more urgent than ever before and this partnership will help clean energy entrepreneurs get their products to market faster around the world. For more information about the Greentown Labs and Cleantech Scandinavia partnership, please contact Magnus Agerström, Chairman of Cleantech Scandinavia (, or Benny Kim, International Partnerships Fellow at Greentown Labs (

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