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In 2011, Jason Hanna of Coincident, Sam White and Sorin Grama of Promethean Power Systems, Jeremy Pitts of Oscomp Systems and Adam Rein of Altaeros Energies were looking for affordable space to keep building prototypes after they graduated from MIT.

The four startups faced a challenge: where could they build things and not break the bank?

The startup founders realized the value of a like-minded community of entrepreneurs, and they sensed they weren’t alone in their need for low-cost, urban prototyping and office space.

To continue their efforts and respond to the increasing demand from other startups with similar needs, 
Greentown Labs was born.

Greentown Labs provides co-located prototyping, office, and event space to serve the needs of cleantech entrepreneurs that need to build physical products while also growing their businesses.

To date, more than 120+ startup companies have been incubated at Greentown Labs. These companies have collectively created more than 900 jobs and raised more than $260 million in funding!


Today, more than 70 cleantech companies comprise the Greentown Labs community, making it the largest clean technology incubator in the United States. These startups are building and commercializing breakthrough solutions for renewable power generation, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, battery storage, industrial waste recycling, water conservation and more. Explore our Members page to learn more about the cutting-edge technologies under development in our lab.

In late 2017, Greentown Labs expanded its campus within the Union Square neighborhood of Somerville, MA, and add 58,000 sq. ft. of coworking, prototyping and event space, to support up to 100 startups.

This is the world’s first Global Center for Cleantech Innovation.

The Greentown Labs Global Center for Cleantech Innovation is the biggest, most comprehensive incubator in the world for hardware-focused cleantech startups. We provide all of the necessary facilities and resources startups need to thrive, and serve as the leading convener of cleantech innovation and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Check out the Campus Expansion page for more details of our new facility!

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